Voyage- An Australian Musical

Voyage- An Australian Musical

King Valley Arts Presents is working with the Myrrhee Hall Committee to bring Voyage An Australian Musical to the region

Saturday 18th November
@ Myrrhee Soldiers Memorial Hall
1736 Benalla-Whitfield Rd, Myrrhee
Doors and Bar Open 7pm
Showtime 7:30pm
Supper included – ticket $30
Enquiries: to Carol – 0490 357 967

“This production is a finely tuned and beautifully executed piece of theatre” – Patricia Di Risio, Stage Whispers
The Good Girl Song Project presents, “Voyage”, a New Australian Folk Musical.
It is April, 1833 and a ship full of single and free immigrant women leaves from Britain, bound for New South Wales, Australia. Two women aboard the ship, an Irish frame knitter and an English servant must survive the voyage with only a single box of necessities below deck. Once they arrive on Australian soil, their strong voyage-bound friendship must withstand the capricious whims of the Sydney colonists. For once they have left the familiar shores of their home, there is no going back.

“Voyage” was nominated for three Green Room Awards, listed as one of TimeOut’s “Top 5 Must-See Musicals”, and featured on the 2021 VCE Drama Playlist. The work is written by Helen Begley, directed by Ruby Rees and based on the research of Dr Liz Rushen. It features two actors, three musicians, eleven characters and seventeen songs.

Voyage is a hybrid form of scripted narrative song cycle with action, an ingenious but simple set and stunning character transformations by the two actors/singers. It is not traditional musical theatre. It blurs the lines between theatre, opera and song cycle.
The show offers an alternative story of “Mateship.” Without sentimentality, it champions the kind of staunch female friendship that fosters resilience and endurance and maintains hope and humour in the face of hostility. Through this lens it asks audiences to reflect on their attitudes to women, migration, identity, colonisation and racism, and questions whether the attitudes of the 19th Century are still mirrored in contemporary Australia.
The Good Girl Song Project(GGSP) is a floating collective of musical women from the Australian folk scene. The line up for “Voyage” in Myrhee is Carly Wilding (Actor/Singer/Musician), Penelope Swales (Actor/Singer/Musician), Kylie Morrigan (Fiddle), Meredith Beardmore (Whistle) and Helen Begley( Guitars/Writer). GGSP’s mission is to create musical stories that explore the lives and experiences of Australian women.
In the midst of the pandemic, Voyage had a two week season at Melbourne Independent theatre 45 downstairs. It attracted rave reviews and glowing testimonials from audience members including many VCE students. The show visited several schools before lockdowns halted further performances. Post-pandemic, the GGSP team is looking forward to remounting the production and sharing “Voyage” with audiences near and far

$3000 Grand Winner Award
Sponsored by Patrons of the Art Show
Brown Brothers Family Winemakers , Christmont Wines, Darling Estate, Dal Zotto, Domaine Chandon, and Red Feet Wines 
Awarded to Matt Kinsey for High Tension Country

$1500 Oil/Acrylic
Sponsored by Elite Supporter Hargraves Secured Investments
Awarded to Vanessa Kelly for Vines in the Mist





Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Ben Winspear for In the shade

$1000 Pastel
Sponsored by Elite Supporter Pizzini Wines
Awarded to Ben Jenkins for Untitled 1

$600 Pastel
Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Sandy Dare for Serenity

$1000 Work on Paper
Sponsored by Elite Supporter King River Brewing
Awarded to Pamela Florance for Fruit and Flowers

$600 Work on Paper
Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Michael Ashby for Marisa Pondering

$750 Watercolour/Gouache
Sponsored by Elite Supporter Superaxe
Awarded to Shirley Hall for Building Blocks

$600 Watercolour/Gouache
Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Linda Syers for Long-tailed Sylph

$1000 Printmaking
Sponsored by Elite Supporter Bank WAW
Awarded to Linda D’Agnostino for Elsie

$600 Printmaking
Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Therese Shanley for After the rain

$1000 Tony Judd Local Artist
Sponsored by Elite Supporter the Judd Family
Awarded to Sam Reiher for 16 Millard St

$1000 Barb Sartori King Valley Theme
Supported by King Valley Arts
Awarded to Julia Lumley for Kelly Country

$750 Young Artist
Sponsored by Elite Supporter RBA Financial Group
Awarded to Sara Cope for Layered Landscape #3

$500 Judge’s Gem 1
Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Tamika Leeds for Autumn Ride

$500 Judge’s Gem 2
Supported by Friends of the Art Show
Awarded to Lorna Ryan Burden for Wangi Wangi Series (Bird)

$500 People’s Choice
(by popular vote and to be announced at end of show)

Awarded to
Supported by King Valley Tourism Association

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to all the artists who have entered this year’s King Valley Art Show


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