2022 Awards in Order of Announcement

Oil/Acrylic $1000 (Hargraves)
Awarded to: Luke Adams, Self-Portrait with Hoodie (6)

Oil/Acrylic $750 (Friends of the Art Show)
Awarded to: Sharon Barry, Standing Tall (14)
A very fresh and confident painting of a quintessentially Australian landscape. It reminded me of the drive from Melbourne through the countryside.

Pastel $1000 (Pizzini)
Awarded to: Ricky Schembri, Across from the Merri View Gallery (221)
This work depicts a space that you could pass by every day and not notice. The scale is impressive with loose confident mark making.

Pastel $600 (Friends of the Art Show)
Awarded to: Stephen McCall, Golden Hills, Whitlands (147)
Cinematic and moody. Very competent tonality and colour range.

Work on Paper $1000 (King River Brewing)
Awarded to: Jo Briscomb, Misty Morning, Bobinawarrah (27)
A stunning drawing. The artist has really honoured their materials, working the charcoal into the paper, rubbing back, smudging, leaving a residue.

Work on Paper $600 (Friends of the Art Show)
Awarded to: Carolyn Marrone, Just Chilling (141)
Quietly humourous subject, really well executed, leaves you wondering about the story.

Watercolour/Gouache $750 (Super Axe)
Awarded to: Jenny Wallace, Winter at Lake William Hovel (270)
Highly skilled, confident understanding of the materials.

Watercolour/Gouache $600 (Friends of the Art Show)
Awarded to:Carmel Star, Abandoned (231)
A naive and charming work.

Printmaking $750 (Ovens & King Builders)
Awarded to: Sam Reiher, Cultural Collision (200)
Feels lighthearted with confident lines.

Printmaking $600 (Friends of the Art Show)
Awarded to: Linda D’Agostino, Alone (44)

Abstract/Non ­ Figurative $1000 (Dal Zotto)
Awarded to: Fran O’Neill, Untitled (182)
Bold performance of bodily gesture

Tony Judd Memorial Award, Local Artist $1000 (Judd Family)
Awarded to: Julie Hooper, Haze (86)
A playful and layered painting which stood out in a room of more representational work. The artist has used a variety of marks and materials that move across the surface beautifully.

Barb Sartori Memorial Award, King Valley Theme $1000 (KVA)
Awarded to: Andrew Sinclair, Soft Edges (228)
More than depicting the landscape, this painting successfully renders a feeling of place.

Young Artist $750 (RBA Financial Group)
Awarded to: Sarah Northey, Winter Ghostly Gums (176)

Judge’s Gem $500
Awarded to: Marc Bongers, Quinces (23)
A beautiful and seductive work

Judge’s Gem $500
Awarded to: Isobelle Cremin, Blue-Faced Honeyeater (39)

Highly Commended
Georgia Aldous, Happy Place (8)
Asher Gilding The Hills (60)
Chris Henderson Prussian Blue (76)
Susan Thompson Portal (249)

Grand Winner $3000 (Brown Brothers, Chandon, Christmont, Judd Family, KVA)
Awarded to: Jaqueline Macleish, The Northo’ Wangaratta (135)
An honest painting. A bit under painted and not totally resolved, which adds to its charm. It has an unusual atmosphere and potential narratives.