King Valley Presents – Artists

King Valley Presents – Artists

Miles and Simone

Heartbreaker-country duo Miles and Simone weave their lonesome seaside lullabies and heartbreaker ballads with restraint – two sublime voices and an acoustic guitar. Former Rackette from Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, opera and cabaret star, creator of critically acclaimed cabaret The Lovebirds, and most recently the immersive feminist work Time of Life, a hit at this year’s Dark Mofo, Simone Page Jones distills her theatrical prowess to this nuanced and delicate project. Her charming partner in crime Miles O’Neil is a founding member of award-winning “junkyard theatre” trio and band, The Suitcase Royale.

Lovely Lady Lump by Lana Schwarcz

Lovely Lady Lump 2 min trailer from Lana Schwarcz on Vimeo.

In 2014, Lana was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So she went and wrote some jokes.

‘Let me start by telling you I’m ok. I’m just in a small  situation involving a pesky cancer tumour in my left nork, but I’m not dying and I’m the luckiest person in the entire world. Cos f*ck cancer, man. F*ck cancer.’

Jokes, truths, and one or two poignant bits from a Melbourne comic who survived breast cancer.

‘Hilariously honest’
‘Gutsy and gleeful’
‘Uproariously funny, devastating and heartfelt, Schwarcz doesn’t want her audience to have a good bedside manner but to behave as badly as she does’  

WINNER: Best Theatre (Dunedin Fringe 2016)
WINNER: Most Outstanding Solo Show (Ottawa Fringe 2016)
WINNER: “Fuck the Patriarchy Award” (Jenny, Winnipeg Fringe 2016)
NOMINEE: 720 ABC Best Theatre (Perth 2016)
NOMINEE: Best Show (Dunedin Fringe 2016)


The Wilson Pickers

The Wilson Pickers are a collaborative, interstate effort from some of Australia’s finest rising songwriting and musical talents including singer/songwriter Sime Nugent and multi instrumentalist John Bedggood from Melbourne (VIC) with Ben Salter (of The Gin Club fame), songwriter/composer Danny Widdicombe, and singer/songwriter Andrew Morris from Brisbane.

The Wilson Pickers play banjo, fiddle, harmonica and acoustic guitar-based songs that draw on bluegrass, folk, country and lots of other things   Five mates all throwing in songs and ideas and five part harmonies.

Their 2008 album, Land of the Powerful Owl, earned them a nomination for an ARIA Award for Best Blues & Roots Album and their 2010 album, Shake It Down, earned them second.


Through it all – Wilson Pickers from jon webb on Vimeo.