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The 2018 Winners are…

The 2018 Winners are…

Grand Winner – $3,000. Sponsored by Dal Zotto Wines 

Awarded to Winter Vines by Vanessa Kelly.

Winter Vines by Vanessa Kelly
Winter Vines by Vanessa Kelly


This luminous painting elegantly and economically conveys the melancholy of a vineyard in winter.  Painting with restraint, the artist conveys the gleam of winter light in a pale sky and the darkening perspective of the tangle of old growth before pruning – evocative and spare.

People’s Choice – $500. Sponsored by King Valley Tourism Association


King Valley Theme – Barb Sartori Memorial Prize $1000. 

Awarded to King Valley Remains by Julian Bruere.

This masterly watercolour creates both an authentic image of place and the sense of the dry heat and harsh summer conditions typical of the region.  Paint is applied loosely and fluidly with judicious use of highlights and sparks of colour for emphasis.

King Valley Remains - watercolour painting by Julian Bruere
King Valley Remains – watercolour by Julian Bruere

Most Innovative Work – $500. Sponsored by Brown Brothers 

Awarded to Free Your Mind  by Tirelle Peter.

Incorporating elements of surrealist imagery and collage, this work inventively and cleverly combines its graphic elements with great finesse.

Judge’s Gem – $500. Sponsored by Chandon  

Awarded to King Parrot Feather by Bronwyn Van De Graaf

An exquisite and delightful work.

Still Life Pastel or Watercolour to $500. Sponsored by Chrismont Wines 

Awarded to Diplolaena Grandiflora  by Margaret Zaal.

A fine and sensitive rendering of one of the first specimens of Australian native flora ever collected.  The Diplolaena Grandiflora was first collected at Shark’s Bay in Western Australia by William Dampier in 1699. 


Local Emerging Artist – $750 Sponsored by RBA Financial Group 

Awarded to Peony by Joelene Mitchell

This work demonstrates the earnest endeavours of the aspiring artist.  The peony’s striking colour and tones are well observed in this bold composition.

Pastel to $500. Sponsored by Boonderoo Farm

Awarded to Luscious Peaches by Mary Briggs

This little still life is reminiscent of the domestic intimacy of a Pierre Bonnard.  The simple subject has a quiet sense of celebration of nature’s most succulent fruits.

Pastel $1000. Sponsored by Pizzini Wines  

Awarded to My Distant View by Ben Jenkins

A subjective and moody work utilising the pastel medium’s natural qualities for softness and blending of tones, this work creates an image that evokes a quiet sense of reverie.

Watercolour/Gouache to $750. Sponsored by Eminence Wines 

Awarded to Dusty Hills by Linda D’Agostina

An elegant and restrained interpretation of a landscape as it might appear in one’s memory; colours and tones are used economically to create this whimsical and layered image.



Watercolour/Gouache to $1000. Sponsored by Friends of the Art Show 

Awarded to Wren’s World by Sharon Pate

The wren is immersed in its shifting world of leaves and light.  The camouflage of the beautifully painted foliage almost conceals this busy bird at work.


Work on Paper to $500. Sponsored by Casa Luna Gourmet Accom. 

Awarded to Duck Feathers by Bronwyn Van De Graaff

This exquisite drawing confounds the eye and mind in its subtle rendering of the lightest of subjects. In a simple and fluid composition, these feathers almost float off the page.

Work on Paper – $1000. Sponsored by Friends of the Art Show

Awarded to Disorder by Janet Grealy

The abstract and layered impressions of this frottage drawing evoke a great many associations.  It invites contemplation by the viewer to speculate on its many intersections and spatial elements.


Printmaking – $750. Sponsored by Ovens & King Builders 

Awarded to Stud Muster by Libby Schreiber

A cheerful take on the life of the sheep farmer  – sheep, truck, man, dog and bird.  Striking contrasts of texture and tone make this little print a joy to behold.

Printmaking – $1000. Sponsored by Friends of the Art Show 

Awarded to King and Queen (after Don Dale) by Robert Hague

This work is a commentary on the impact of colonialisation in the era of Empire.  The image of the plate is utilised as a fragile and fractured device to convey the artist’s concerns.


Oil/Acrylic to $500. Sponsored by King River Estate Wines 

Awarded to Silverstreak by Kylie Sirett.

In this contemporary view of scattered objects, the eye closes tightly on its subject, creating a striking composition — a dramatic use of light and shade with a gleaming high note.


Oil/Acrylic to $1000. Sponsored by Hargraves Secured Investments 

Awarded to Wild Quince by Gregory R Smith.

Gregory R Smith brings vitality and nuance to this traditional still-life subject.  His mastery of the medium is outstanding; the paint is handled loosely and yet with precision.  The work carries much of the baroque Dutch sensibility.

Oil/Acrylic to $1,500. Sponsored by Friends of the Art Show 

Awarded to Valley Memories by Kate Gorman

This painting’s subdued palette evokes a feeling of subjective memory. Vestiges of the figurative elements of landscape linger, as do one’s fleeting memories of place, temperature, light and shadow.




2019 Arts Culture Grants

2019 Arts Culture Grants

The King Valley Art Show 2019 Arts Culture Grant application forms are now available.
Closing date Wednesday 31st October 2018.

The KVAS is proud to offer small grants of up to $1500 to enrich the King Valley arts culture.

Visit our Community Grants page or for more information phone Michael Ashby Secretary 57297552

Peace Flags - by the King Valley Peace Flags Project
King Valley Peace Flag Project 2017 Photo credit: Whitty Cafe
And the winners are…

And the winners are…

Thanks to all our artists, sponsors, friends, visitors, supporters and volunteers for creating another inspiring, quality show and our most successful yet.

Dal Zotto Wines Grand Prize Winner: Native Dog Road by Malcolm Webster

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Judge: 'A beautifully balanced painting evocative of the Australian countryside. This very atmospheric work shows that colour balance and well thought out spatial relationships in the composition make for a very strong work. Excellent mastery of the medium demonstrating great skill.'

Not shown are:

Wounded Wood 1 by David Frazer sponsored by Ovens and King Builders
The Thoroughbred by Glen Hoyle sponsored by Pizzini Wines
Still Life – Waratahs by Vida Pearson sponsored by Friends of the Art Show

Grand Winners Launch

Grand Winners Launch

We were delighted that so many supporters of the Art Show could celebrate with us on Friday April 21st. 

Guest speaker and co-founder of the Art Show, Natalie Pizinni, summed up the evening well:

“Tonight is more than just a celebration of the wonderful art in this room. Tonight is an opportunity to acknowledge the benefits that vision, passion, volunteerism, hard work, culture and a few crazy ideas have on fostering community, bettering our region and driving prosperity for all of those around us.”

The speeches recognised the many sponsors, volunteers, committee members, judges, artists, and supporters who have helped grow the Art Show over 20 years, and it was humbling to have so many of you in attendance.

View the artworks on display

The exhibition is on until May 29.

Theatre Experience Engages Valley’s Kids

Theatre Experience Engages Valley’s Kids


Jens inviting audience participation

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By Anita McPherson, first published in the Wangaratta Chronicle on October 12, 2016
Photos: Anita Laurence

Local Kids had the opportunity to take part in a unique and eccentric theatre experience last week when the “Loose Ends” children’s theatre production visited Moyhu.

The Regional Arts Victoria touring show was brought to the students at the King Valley cluster schools as a gift from the King Valley Art Show committee, whose aim is to enrich the local community’s arts culture.

The event began with a workshop for grade six students in the Moyhu Primary School hall on Monday, hosted by Loose Ends star and creator, Jens Altheimer.

It was followed by a live show for the 170 combined cluster school students from prep to grade six along with teachers, parents and friends at the Moyhu Soldiers Memorial Hall on Tuesday.

Myrrhee school teacher Robyn Kilgour said around 18 students took part in the workshop which involved everyone working together to build a convoluted contraption. She said it was a hands-on experience which was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone involved, with Jens proving to be a thoroughly engaging tutor.

“We try to bring the senior students from each of the rural schools together as often as we can so they can get to know each other better,” she said. “These events are fantastic for them, as they prepare to transition to high school”.

It took Jens and his assistant five hours to set up everything they needed for the show which involved some spectacular lighting and special effects.

It certainly appeared to captivate audience members, including Jordan Howard Gaffeney. “I thought it was interesting and gave me ideas for what I can do in my life,” he said. “I learnt how to make my own teddy friend – it made me feel alive and free.”

Jack Kelly said he thought the theatre show was “innovative and inspiring”. 

“It made me feel frustrated because the guy couldn’t just go outside and I wanted him to be able to do it”.

2016 Winners

2016 Winners

Post Gorge Painting 2 by Frank Burgers
Post Gorge Painting 2 by Frank Burgers

2016 Grand Winner. $3,000 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Dal Zotto Wines.

Post Gorge Painting 2 by Frank Burgers – Abstract shapes float across the field in this loosely structured and painterly picture. An accomplished work by a mid-career artist whose investigation of abstraction and colour comes to the fore here. Effective use of light and dark with featured points of strong colour consolidating the overall picture. An excellent and very strong work of art.

Yellow Tails in Wattle by Vida Pearson

Yellow Tails in Wattle by Vida Pearson2016 People’s Choice Winner. $500 non acquisitive.
Sponsor: King Valley Tourism Association.

Yellow Tails in Wattle by Vida Pearson

Old Mill Serenade by Kerryn E Wilson
Old Mill Serenade by Kerryn E Wilson

King Valley Theme. $1,000 non acquisitive
Sponsor: King Valley Art Show

Old Mill Serenade by Kerryn E Wilson – Represents an iconic landmark at Oxley. The old Flour mill is simply rendered in a colourful painting that has impact through use of simplicity and a contemporary and elemental approach.

Highly Commended: Pauline Fraser. “Kitchen at Midnight” 

Xantharia by Abi Thompson
Xantharia by Abi Thompson

Most innovative work. $500 non acquisitive.
Sponsor: Brown Brothers

Xantharia by Abi Thompson – The background overlaying of watery and colourful paint depicting landscape form the ground for an innovative use of line, in free form organic lines that portray minutiae of the natural environment.

Bush Tracks by Cheryle Leitl
Bush Tracks by Cheryle Leitl

Local emerging artist. $750 non acquisitive.
Sponsor: RBA Finance Group

Bush Tracks by Cheryle Leitl – Dynamic use of colour and brushwork in this work that evokes through its title “Bush Tracks” everywhere. Other works by this emerging artist demonstrate freedom of expression and exploration of the painting medium.

Gwenda and David from Casa Luna with Past Horizons by Jim Samon
Gwenda and David from Casa Luna with Past Horizons by Jim Samon

Work on Paper. $500 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Casa Luna Gourmet Accommodation

Past Horizons by Jim Samon – A lone figure on the horizon, within the landscape may cause us to personally reflect. Earth and sky are represented in a painterly manner, figure and shadow are striking.

Highly Commended: Margaret Cocking. “Seed and Flowers”

Silken Beginnings by Jan Harris
Silken Beginnings by Jan Harris

Pastel.$500 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Boonderoo Farm

Silken Beginnings by Jan Harris – Masterful use of the pastel medium, colour and form in this realistic yet abstract representation of nature.

A View – by Ralph Bristow

Watercolour / Gouache.$750 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Eminence Wines

A View by Ralph Bristow – Overlaid shapes and forms, bright use of colour and strong line are used in an experimental manner. Other works by the artist demonstrate a varied palette and unique approach.

The Nightdress by Colina Grant
The Nightdress by Colina Grant

Watercolour / Gouache. $1,000 non acquisitive.
Sponsor: Friends of the Art Show

The Night Dress by Colina Grant – Subtle, soft painting, loose brushwork building the overall texture of this interior scene. Adds a feeling of past eras and intimacy. Comes to life up close or from a distance.

Pear Parade by Mary Briggs
Pear Parade by Mary Briggs

Still Life Pastel/Watercolour. $500 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Chrismont Wines

Pear Parade by Mary Briggs – Highly accomplished use of the pastel medium in an original still life format. Use of the red banner weaving through the pears brings the image to life and adds appeal that will continue to attract.

Figure / Portrait. $750 non acquisitive.
Sponsored by Ovens and King Builders

Tabled Pose by Gregory R Smith – A classic figure painting with warm, realistic skin tones and exquisite use of light and shade. The figure’s gaze captures the viewer’s interest from the outset.

Highly Commended: Pamela Moore. “Portrait of Chelsea”
Highly Commended: Pamela Moore. “Portrait of Chelsea”

Ben Jenkins with his winning work 'Whitfield Series IV'
Ben Jenkins with his winning work ‘Whitfield Series IV’

Work on Paper. $1,000 non-acquisitive.
Sponsor: Friends of the Art Show

Whitfield Series IV by Ben Jenkins – A contemporary use of pastel with superb blending of colour to excellent effect whilst conjuring an impression of place, or sense of place. The dark shape brings an element of three dimensions into the ethereal field of this picture.

Breeding Beauty by Vida Pearson
Breeding Beauty by Vida Pearson

Printmaking. $750 non acquisitive
Sponsor: Friends of the Art Show

Breeding Beauty by Vida Pearson – An accomplished and striking linocut print, with added interest featured through minimal use of colour. The entire form of this breeding swan evokes her resignation in nesting. An expressive detailed and exquisite work.

Highly Commended 322 Geoffrey Ricardo. “Fixing Histrionics”  

LonelyBoy III by David Frazer
LonelyBoy III by David Frazer

Printmaking. $750 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Pizzini Wines

Lonely Boy III by David Fraser – A familiar old farm house scene with a lone figure surveying the country scene and his life, perhaps. A poignant representation of growing up on the farm and life choices. From the hand of an expert wood engraver.

Highly Commended: Anna Austin. “Girona”              

At the Table - by Kylie Sirett
At the Table – by Kylie Sirett

Oil / Acrylic. $500 acquisitive.
Sponsor: King River Estate

At the Table by Kylie Sirett – A well-balanced composition featuring a structured placement of cutlery that casts dynamic shadows in a finely crafted painting.

Highly Commended: Marcia Rea. “Late Afternoon”      

Winter Hues by Stephen McCall
Winter Hues by Stephen McCall

Oil / Acrylic. $1,000 acquisitive.
Sponsor: Hargraves Secured Investments

Winter Hues by Stephen McCall – Highly contrasted snow scene featuring Australian Snow Gums. Defined branches in the background project the highlighted foreground gum with its typical colour intrusions that draw the viewer into the painting.

Highly Commended: Judy Hocking. “Pathway through Life” 

Flinders by Julie Simmons
Flinders by Julie Simmons

Oil / Acrylic. $1,500 non acquisitive.
Sponsor: Friends of the Art Show 

Flinders by Julie Simmons – A balanced overall composition with foreground grasses leading the eye into the mountains in the distance. The cloud-scape adds to the sense of depth that is predominant in Australia’s outback ranges. Superbly conceived, executed and presented

Highly Commended: Cherry Manders. “Still life with Lillies”  

Judge’s Gem. $500 non acquisitive.
Sponsor: Domaine Chandon

Channelling Herthe by Dianne Glenister – Use of various drypoint plates for this amalgam of patter, line and imagery, the overall effect is of lightness, movement and cohesion.


Thanks to our sponsors

Thanks to our sponsors

This year we have a total of $15,750 in prizes, thanks to our wonderful sponsors and friends who are all part of the King Valley community.

Find out more about our 2016 Sponsors

Dal Zotto Wines

Hargraves Secured Investments

Ovens and King Builders

RBA Financial Group


Pizzini Wines

Eminence Wines

King River Estate

Boonderoo Farm

Casa Luna Goumet Accommodation

Brown Brothers

King Valley Tourism Association Inc

Domain Chandon

Dysons Coachlines

Mikelangelo performs Cave, Waits & Cohen in Cheshunt Hall

Mikelangelo performs Cave, Waits & Cohen in Cheshunt Hall

Mikelangelo plays Cave Waits and Cohen in Cheshunt

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Mikelangelo’s tribute to Cave, Waits and Cohen was a compelling, polished, first rate performance well received by our discerning audience. In the second set a broken D string replaced by an audience member while she perched on the side of the stage was the catalyst for a less formal,  even more intimate bond with the appreciative crowd who danced, sang and clapped along, and were rewarded with a generous 8 song encore.

‘Mikelangelo at Cheshunt was a fantastic night, the ambience and lighting really added to the mood and Mikelangelo was brilliant. I also think the hall has great acoustics”. – Bridget, Melbourne

 The Parents Association of Whitfield and District Primary school ran a bar, supper and raffle as a fundraiser for the primary school.  The funds will go towards supporting the students to continue to experience our strong arts program, in particular performing arts and music.  

“As well as the financial benefit, we experienced wonderful social connections from being involved.  Collaborating with the Art Show committee was a pleasure and being present on the night was a great way to connect with a wide range of local and visiting people. The tickets were low cost making the show accessible and inviting to attend. The cabaret style seating and catering was highly suited to the event and the venue. A local business provided the option of pre-ordered platters, which suited the guests and benefited that business.” – Suz Christison, Whitfield District Primary School