2019 Award Winners

2019 Award Winners

$3000 Grand Winner  Maxwell Wilks for ‘Through the Trees’
sponsor Dal Zotto Wines

People’s Choice Winner is ‘Early Morning Mist King Valley’ by Vanessa Kelly
Sponsor King Valley Tourism Association

Acquisitive awards

  • Oil/Acrylic $1,000.00 Geoff Paynter for ‘Summer Contrasts’ sponsor Hargraves Secured Investments 
  • Oil/Acrylic $500.00 Janis Lawler for ‘Platypus’ sponsor King River Brewing
  • Pastel $1,000.00 Linda Robertson  for ‘Figure Study 3’ sponsor Pizzini Wines
  • Pastel $500.00 Carole Lees  for ‘Thursday’s Lilies’ sponsor The Oven @ Cheshunt
  • Work on Paper $500.00 Kirrily Anderson for  ‘Somewhere Between Here and There’ sponsor Casa Luna Gourmet Accommodation
  • Watercolour/Gouache $750.00 Ben Winspear  for ‘Mist at Lake William Hovell’ sponsor Eminence Wines
  • Printmaking $750.00 David Frazer for ‘Passing Away Together’ sponsor Ovens & King Builders
  • Still Life $500.00 Leanne Murphy for ‘Pink Lady Apples 1’ sponsor Chrismont Wines

Non Acquisitive awards

  • Young Artist $750 Lyndsey Knight for ‘Sunset at Red Feet’ sponsor RBA Financial Group
  • Judge’s Gem $500.00 Libby Schreiber for ‘Ned’s Nine’ Domaine Chandon 
  • Most Innovative Work $500.00 Robert Hague for ‘Surrender (after Pussy Riot)’ sponsor Brown Family Wine Group
  • Barb Sartori Memorial Prize King Valley Theme $1,000.00 Kate Gorman for  ‘Pink Blossoms’ sponsor King Valley Arts

Friends of the Art Show awards all non acquisitive

  • Oil/Acrylic $1,500.00 Mary Hyde for  ‘Afternoon Light Phillip Island’
  • Work on Paper $1,000.00 Abi Thompson for ‘Forest Camouflage’
  • Watercolour/Gouache $1,000.00 Julian Bruere for ‘Summer Gums’
  • Printmaking $1,000.00 Geoffrey Ricardo for ‘Rapture’
  • Local Artist $1,000.00 Fleur Rendell for ‘Ginger Jar’